Bhutanese Community of Gerogia

Bhutanese Community of Georgia

We the Bhutanese began residing in Georgia as asylees in 2000. Large number of Bhutanese under resettlement started arriving in Georgia beginning March, 2008 and already the population has reached over 5,500. It is expected that by the end of 2012, the population of Bhutanese in Georgia could reach 10,000 – 12,000 out of 60,000 to be resettled in the USA.

Most of us were basically peasants in Bhutan and have very little strengths and skills other than farming. Many of those educated have just plain education which does not support to get better jobs in a competitive environment like US. And majority of the population need assistance to learn language as to communicate and get job in the new set up.

Prevailing dwindling economic situation of the country has hit hard on us. Although the resettlement agencies have been doing their best in finding jobs and rendering other services for the refugees, it has not been easy to accomodate them all on time. Those who can speak English get the job relatively faster, there are many who are in disadvantaged position. Whlie ESL program has benefited a lot to the semi-literate people, it has not been easy and adequate for the illiterate who need to spend lot of time learning the basics of language. Bhutanese refugees have lived in Nepal for about two decades without hope and scope. They view the resettlement program brought by the US Government as an opportunity to regain their lost prestige and build their lives from the scratch. In the metamorphosized set up, they themselves feel that they have greater roles to play in their own community, build up and give shape to the community that aims to preserves its social norms and values and cultural heritages while working towards integrating themselves into the American mainstream society. Hence, the Bhutanese Community of Georgia has been formed to be the main voice of the community.

We solicit solidarity and support from all quarters towards building our community inorder to attain self-sufficiency.